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When you notice a child having some difficulty using a toy it may be time for some simple adaptations. There are many simple adaptations to assist your child in getting the most out of play. Ask yourself the following questions to determine what further adaptations are needed:

  • Can your child reach the toy? What can you do to bring it closer or extend certain parts?

  • Would accenting or highlighting certain areas of the toy make them easier to locate?

  • Would making the toy more stable help it stay in a certain position?

  • Does the toy need to be confined so it stays within your child's reach?

  • How can I make play more simple?

More About Adaptations  

Let's Play! Project: Adapting Toys
This guide is designed to provide more specific examples of ways to stabilize, extend/build up, highlight, attach, confine and simplify toys. A list of vendors for our adaptive materials is also provided.

Let's Play! Project: Adaptive Materials
Find the vendors for the adaptive materials you will need to get started.

Vermont AT Project: Toy Adapting Ideas
Ideas for simple adaptations of toys, games and play materials.

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