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A switch interface is a device which is attached between the switch and the toy/device you want to control. There are several switch interfaces available for switch use and enhancement.

  • The battery adapter is the interface that can transform any battery operated toy or device for switch activation.

  • The Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is an example of an interface for any electrical appliance with a plug. The unit is plugged into an electrical outlet; the appliance and switch are then both plugged into the unit. The switch turns the appliance on and off.

  • Switch Latch is an interface used between the switch and the target device. One touch of the switch turns the device on. The device stays on until the switch is activated again. This is often used for prolonged activities, such as listening to music or TV.

  • Timer is an interface used between the switch and a toy, game or other device. The device will run for a set amount of time (from 1 to 60 seconds) after the switch is activated. The device stops after the pre-set time is reached (even if the switch is held on); the switch must be re-activated for the device to run.

  • Switch Latch-Timer is an interface that offers both features: timer and latch.

  • Series Adapter is an interface used between a device and two switches. Both switches must be activated in order for the device to turn on. This is often used for cooperative activities, where two children must activate their switches at the same time.

  • Jack Adapter is used to convert the size of the switch jack to match the size on the toy or interface.

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