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The following products were developed through the Let's Play! Project and are designed for parents and professionals in Early Intervention programs. The content reflects the strategies and supporting materials useful when considering play options for young children with disabilities.

All products are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Click on the title to download the product. For best results, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0. Having problems printing or viewing our pdf documents? Visit our PDF Help Page

playing with switches

Playing with Switches

Using battery-operated toys and games with single switches provides a wide range of play opportunities for children with disabilities. The booklet offers suggestions for selecting and using switches for play and communication purposes in a variety of environments.

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how we play

How We Play (1 MB)

This Play "calendar" is intended to assist parents with babies with disabilities and the individuals who provide them with Early Intervention services, by encouraging play in the child's life. Each of the six Emerging Play sections includes information on:
· What The Child Does · What the Caregiver Does · Play Material · Positioning Options & Adaptations.

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computer play with young children

Computer Play with Young Children with Disabilities

A booklet offering suggestions on selecting and using software programs to promote playful interactions. Adaptive peripherals help young children control the software programs that lead to independent participation.

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a guidebook for maintaining play and at lending library

A Guidebook for Developing, Using, and Maintaining a Play & Assistive Technology Lending Library

The lending libraries offer a successful solution to providing assistive technology supports to families in Early Intervention Programs. Young children have immediate needs for technologies that support their participation in all routine activities throughout the day. Identifying inventory and loan system information is included.

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creating play environments

Creating Play Environments

Toys are the tools of play. When combined with other AT supports, a play environment can be created for a child. This guidebook offers background information and specific "How To's" for promoting independent active exploration and play within daily family routines.

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Creating Play Environments: Bathtub Play

Creating Play Environments: Using an Overhead Gym

Let's Play Sheets

A collection of one-page play idea sheets to promote playful interactions in babies with disabilities, age 0-3. Categories include Special Play Materials, Creating Play Environments and Positioning for Play.

Special Toys:
Selecting Switch Toys
Switch Toys: Where to Begin
Gertie Games

Positioning for Play:
Using a Boppy
Sitting Up

Standing Up

Creating Play Environments:
Bathtub Play
Hand & Finger Play
Keeping Toys within Reach

Using an Overhead Gym
Reading Books with your Child


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