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In order to help identify toys with embedded universal design features, the Universal Design for Play Tool, is in development and has been field-tested nationally. Data on its validity and reliability have been collected and are currently being analyzed.

Using the UDP tool, a toy is rated on the quantity and quality of its universal design characteristics. The tool is comprised of the three primary principals of design with 2 items in each area. Each item can receive up to 5 points, with 30 being the highest rating. A higher score indicates its ability to be used by a wide range of children. The higher the score the more universal the design of the toy is.

Draft versions of the tool are available below. A final version will be available when the data analysis is complete (Fall, 2005).

UDP Tool (English)

UDP Score Sheet (English)

UDP Tool (Spanish)

UDP Score Sheet (Spanish)

re on the UDP Tool:

Study Results

Development of the tool

Intended use of the tool



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